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Shellie Lewis

Swiss Pocket Knife

Areas of expertise in accessible design for diverse users, research and statistics to fuel design for websites, applications, and software. Experienced with prototyping and best practices for projects. Over ten years of experience in digital image design. I work hard to figure anything out and get the job done.

I have coded websites, designed and coded a web application, and have written informative blog post articles. Please see my Design Work UX/UI portfolio in the Portfolio section below.


photograph of the sun
Solar Website
A light, responsive, and fast-loading website for a solar energy company.
front of a city court house building
Attorney Client
A research driven and mobile-first website.
gym name as logo
Gym Website
A lightweight, responsive website for a local physical therapist & sports trainer.
illustration of a house plant
Design Work
An application build, research & design sprints. UX/UI prototypes.
digital drawing of a Basset Hound dog
Digital Art
Digital vector and raster art used in print and online media.
a pen and brushes with a warercolor paint palette
Physical media pen and ink drawings, watercolor paintings.


I am a graduate of the Master of Science in Human-Computer Interaction program at DePaul University. I have been doing paid UX/UI consulting, contract web builds, graphic design, and writing jobs. Contact me if you need work done fast and for a competitive rate.

I have over a decade of experience with the Adobe Creative Suite with a strong focus on 2D digital image design. I have experience with data graphics, video editing, and I can put together a website that will load fast and look good on mobile.

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